12 August 2012


It is time to hang up the pages of Blog By Kobrak.  I started writing this blog on the 12th of August 2007. 5 years ago to the day.

However since starting University and concentrating on work and creating my Event Management blog (www.eventmanagementstudent.com) I have been slacking on keeping this blog updated.

Without a doubt writing this blog has improved an awful lot for me, not only my actual writing skills but also my appreciation of writers and bloggers all around the world who manage to create such brilliant stories.

However I was 14 when I starting writing this, at the end of this month I turn 20. I have grown up and started to learn what is really important to me. I have loved writing this little blog but my plan is to concentrate more on I'm a damn student, what do I know? 

Thank you for everyone who has read this blog, I shall still be writing and i shall still be blogging just over here instead. So please, if you want, come and follow me on my continued journey through this world over on I'm a damn student and on twitter @blogbykobrak.