12 August 2007

12. 08 07

my name is caitlin im 14 years old and i own a Nikon D40 SLR digital camera.

i made this blog so that i would be able to put some picture up of my work, i have only started to take photographys and i got my camera yesterday, so i wouldn't say im at all good.
the picture to the right of the text is of my brother playing football, i like it becuase well i think its cool. so yer.

well this is kinda a introduction of my page, so keep checking up cause i will update it {hopefully} most days, but when school starts less often.

well thanks



  1. cool, i look forward to new postings, and as i told you, photo is my desktop until i find something else i cannot resist... enjoy the catalans...

  2. this is mega-cool, wonderful photo.
    I also have a blog at www.thorpes-jellies.blogspot.com check it out. Hugs Oma and keep photographing

  3. Great Start to your photo blog. We loved the one of Shaun in mid-air and the little girl shots. We look forward to seeing more.


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