17 October 2007


Thank you guys for all the comments you left on my last blog about how i missed the environment blog action day thing. they made me smile.

sorry Tom i was going to steal that picture from your blog that said ad-free blog as i thought the picture was quite cool,but i the stupid picture upload thing isn't working today however this is what it said on the website

By using this icon on my website I am stating...

1. That I am opposed to the use of corporate advertising on blogs.

2. That I feel the use of corporate advertising on blogs devalues the medium.

3. That I do not accept money in return for advertising space on my blog.


the author
(i write here Caitlin)

is it not quite cool??

i have done my history homework which is to be done over half-term aha in her face i have already completed it, so yer!!!!! but i still have science work to do which is actually to be done on the 29th of October as we have a half day, so I'm going to do it before then so i can have the afternoon to do SPANISH homework as we get it every lesson.

i still have to write a letter to Mrs Gray asking to have the virtual baby :) yes its a plastic baby made to act like a real one. Its so cool, but the letter is on for tommorow and i need mum to help me write it and she isn't back yet from work. so that will ahve to wait.

Only have tommorow them half term (we have friday off) I'm going shopping with mi mardre :) woopwoop

well have a nice evening guys :)


  1. You have 1/2 term next week, already? Gosh it seems like school only just started... Where are you going shopping?

    I've noticed that I seem to be writing more comments on your blog that I am actually writing my blog... that might have to change....

  2. yeah, i know what you mean louise. i don't really write on my blog, just upload photos i like, and then write interacting with you guys. so what did your madre and you shop for? you do like shopping, as a wee thing a million years ago you were already very definite in your choices, i never learned that so i hate shopping, all those decisions i hate making... i'm off to spain tomorrow, if i get time on anita's computer for 17 days, i will become "mary underway" again (the original name of my blog) and tell about it, or at least show if not tell.


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