01 January 2008

so it's the start of the new year.

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sorry it's been so long but i just couldn't be bothered with writing a blog, mainly because we had Grandma and Grandpa down so i wasn't allowed on my laptop and also because i have been reading loads of books.
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, all your thank you cards will be send in due course (hopefully before February!!)

Last night was fun(ish) but all the children were younger, so i stayed with the adult and apart from dad and me they all got (just a little) bit tipsy. Mark was funny but then again he always is.

Now from last nights/this mornings phone call to Mike and Rita the baby is still not out, which in some ways is a good thing because now none of us can buy Benie one (big) present and say it's for birthday and Christmas!!! on the other hand everyone wants baby benie out so that we can coo over how cute shim is. Sunday was fantastic at Mike's and Rita's, Micko made hundreds and hundreds of sandwich's which we took home and ate. I have to say there CD player is extraordinary, you can put around 6 Cd's into this machine and it goes through them all. Overall a very fun evening, we didn't get back home till 10 pm!!!

Oma's and Grandpa John's was also a very pleasant evening, lunch was lovely and we had a super time watching happy feet (even if i did fall asleep) but i was tired.

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR THE PRESENTS as i said before the thankyou cards are on there way :):):):)


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  1. so glad to see you on again. i cant wait for beanie to come out either and i wont even get a chance to coo over shim right away... good point about birthday, different month and year from christmas...


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