16 January 2008

getting round to it...

I was going to write blogs about events and books that i have read on been reading, so i feel this is a good time to talk about that.

On the 1st of February, Friday, I'm going with Dad and Shaun to see Tangle at Trestle. The story is about two scientists who are on the verge of an incredible breakthrough, it is meant to be a bit like doctor who meets moonlighting. The reviews for it are very good and i can't wait to see it, it's being performed by Unlimited Theater !!!!

In other news, NEVER EVER READ exchange by Paul Magrs it's a really bad book and if you don't believe me i will happily lend it to you. It's a very dull story with no real excitement. I am currently reading Sara's face by Melvin Burgess which is a good book i have another 5 books after that to read :) lol.

tonight I'm seeing Atonement at the Alban arena with my mummy a las ocho (at 8pm) which means i miss TORCHWOOD so i will have to watch the repeat on BBC three at a later date so please don't tell me whats happens. CSI was quite good last night, better that the opening episode of the new series, hopefully this Saturday CSI:NY will be good because last Saturdays (also the first episode of the new series) was really really bad.

I was bored so i tried to scan my face in and here are the results:


  1. i read atonement, wasn't thrilled, but better than saturday which i never managed to even get through. movie has rave reviews, hope it lives up to them, do let me know. scanning your face produced some interesting results. still one-handed here to type. only a few hours after release, hope movement will increase and improve, i am doing everything possible to help along.

  2. I personally didn't like the movie "Atonement" Clearly I'm the only one based on the reviews of that movie. Found no chemistry between the two leads and the story very confusing.


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