05 January 2008

all in a days work..

so you can see the changes, this wasn't what i wanted to happen, but it did and it could be worse. The pictures are from Oma and Grandpa John's on the 28th of December and Mike and Rita's on the 30th of December.

now on the right hand side of this blog is a list of books that i have read and loved, and what i am going to do is every so often i will add more on to the list so do keep a look out.

it's a nice day today, at 11:20 in the morning the sun is out and mum is ill, so that means we can't go to the cinema. so i will most likly nip out and go to the market and buy some stuff as i have nothing better to do apart from revise history which i am doing.

for the cold war it goes like this:
Yalta-in which FDR, Churchill and Stalin discuss dividing germany into four parts (france,Britian,America and Russia) and the idea of free elections. This was held before the end of the second world war.
D-day-when the second world war has ended, there is now no need for america and russia to be friends and the conflict about communism and capitalism is re-lit.
Potsdam-in which Stalin,Truman and Attle finalise dividig germany and talk about free elections (which creates arguments)
Hiroshima-when the usa use there atom bomb to end the war with japan, they don't tell Britain or Russia that they have this. Russia get scared becuase they feel weak against america (can't trust them anymore)
Buffer zones- where russia rig "free elections" in small countires surrounding russia so that they get a communist goverment, America fear the spread of communism.
Iron curtain-Churchill talks about an iron curtain in his speech in america, fences and guard towers are put up around russia.
Truman doctrin-America offer help to any country that feels threterned by communism, russia forbid any of their buffer states to take it.
Marshall aid- America offer,money and aid to any counrtie who need it including Russia, they did this so that they could get on the good side of contries

and that is as far as i have gotten so far :)


  1. mCaitlin I loved the pix, you are getting better and better. And also thanks for the history lesson, I sorely needed it; its a long time since I studies that, Actually I didn't have that as history as I was living then during that time so at my school it didn't count as history, or perhaps they hadn't printed in books yet! Did you have a good New year's party? And keep up those good resolutions. Hugs Oma

  2. what happened? something happened to the layout but it is all experience and part of the learning process, i guess... love the pictures, the best of these people and i can keep up with them... how's your mum? better i hope


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