16 February 2008

I got Penelopy

my pot plant. :)

She cost me 99p from M&S and i named her Penlopy for some reason. She is stationed on my bed side table, looking very pretty if i don't say so myself.

Today i wore as it was cold out side but very sunny:

Top:can't remember shop £35
Cardigan:Zara basic £10-£12
scarf:H&M £8
Jeans:New Look £15-£20
Glasses:New Yorker £6? (8 euros)

I'm so very annoyed that Poloroid are going to stop producing there poloroid film, do you know how many people use poloroid and how much i wanted a camera???? NO becuase if you did you wouldn't be stupid and stop making it!!!!! Makeup, designers, photographers,casting directors (te list could go on!!)

They say they are trying to keep up with the times and Digital but you know what Poloroids are perfect people love them becuase like the Ugg boots they are timeless.
How many times do i have to say i'm annoyed????

anyhow, i have been writting a blog everyday so far, and to be honest i have no idea why apart from i have nothing better to do apart from Revision and Coursework and if you know me i can't sit down and do work unless i'm really in the mood or else it's in for the next day!! GOD HELP ME MY GCSES ARE ONLY IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS aaaaaaaa

above my desk i have a sort of colection of magazine cutouts of actresses and fashion however it seems i have been cutting out too much as i have no more space at the top


  1. if they're selling Penelopy at M&S, spring cannot be far behind!!

  2. Got to be honest, not that many makeup artists or designers use the polaroid film anymore, everyone has gone digital. At least that has been my experience in the film industry of late.

  3. WOOO!
    Flowers in the shops!
    I can start stocking up on seeds now! Woop Woop! Good to have you back Caitlin! xx

  4. So you want a camera, but i thought you had one????? Any way your b'day is lurking in the future, must have a think and discussion about that. Love and a hug Oma

  5. Loved Penelopy, what is she? as a plant. Love Oma


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