08 April 2008

blog of the week

this is just a small thing, no award just a link i put up to a new blog that i haven't already linked too that i feel is very interesting. This week (the first week) is Silly Teen Girl she is a 13 year old girl who writes a very interesting blog :) I wish i had found blogger when i was 13, i would be so very different.

On to other interesting things DOCTOR WHO. In case you didn't already know it started on Saturday and Catherine Tate is playing the new assistant, I have watching this show religiously since the first episode of series 1 and have been through the tears, anger, jealousy and surprises so I'm very judgemental. Catherine Tate however wasn't all too bad, she is funny which you should expect considering she is a comedian but she and David Tennant work very well together when they are both having a laugh. My only concern is that the Doctor (David.Tennant) switch's very quickly from jokey to serious and i don't this Donna (Catherine.Tate) will be able to do this. I would give the episode 4.5 stars because it was 10 times better than the first episode of the last series (3). But if it doesn't get better (which i think it will) i will write to the production team, i swear.

Revision is going alright, getting there.

Night night all.


i have been looking at this 365 project X365 you have to write every day for a year a person who hepled you and you have to remember there name (365 people) i like this and really want to start it but i can't do it on this blog adn i feel it would be stupid for me to create another blog so i may do something different but similar, a list of 365 people i feel have helped me :)

anyway just chck out the site, and where is everyone on blogger!!! Mary, Oma, Louise, Maarie, Katie ALESSIA??? come back


  1. my arse are you revising! i've just done one of my five due animal care assignments and I've just finished ICT revision. Dr Who and Catherine Tate 4EVAAA! Ultimate Frisbee was jks today, innit! xx

  2. Thanks a bunch for featuring me! Glad that you enjoy STG as much as I like writing it. :)
    By the way, Project X365 sounds very, very interesting. I think I may try it...

  3. i blog like mad, only you and i of the family blog as much, are you watching?? and i did put up a comment here, suggesting you erase a trojan, nest thing i knew my comment and the trojan were gone, the latter was my point...


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