15 April 2008

less and less

My posts, as sad as it is, are going to come less often, not because i am doing too much revision but because sometimes i can't really be bothered with writing a new blog entry every day after school.

Mazza has a new blog, a fashion blog, and i love it!! So Maari keep it up :) I relate to people who write more than one blog, and yes i can hear that question WHY DO YOU WRITE MORE THAN ONE? because we don't want to mix are rambles with knowledge!!

Daily dose of imagery is my new blog of the week, it was Mary who told me about him. His work is fantastic and he updates EVERY DAY!!! I mean I'm doing this at night, when would he get the time? None the less he does and it makes me smile every time i see a new picture.

I NEVER HAVE TO SPEAK SPANISH AGAIN IN MY LIFE (unless i want too) because i completed my Spanish Oral yesterday (Monday) and the feeling is amazing, i never knew i could feel this (sorta) free. I only have another 364 exams to take!!

Doctor who on Saturday was super, so much better than the week before. I have decided to take a different approach to Doctor who, I'm not allowed to compare any of the new episodes to the second or first series which were by far the best so far. So the last episode receives a 4 star rating (watch it on BBC iplayer if you missed it!)

The two picture are of Dad and Opa when we went to the Watford game 2 Saturdays ago. They make me smile, i had so much fun!! Check out my photography blog for more pictures.

Night Night all.


  1. nice pictures... i will try to post from here (montreal) but have not yet figured out all the ins and outs of this computer... take care, glad the Spanish torture sessions are done

  2. Aww thanks Kobber, that's so cute! I feel motivated to turn that blog into a wicked one for the future! Your Opa is soo cute! And well done for doing your Spanish! I didn't watch Dr Who, will do it tomorrow and I LOVE Daily Dose of Imagery too! I WILL be coming to Alton Towers, I spoke to Mrs Loe during Learning Support, me and Jess Beaumont were racing up and down corridors whilst everyone was in lessons LOL. Anyway, I could have told you this in school but erm..whatever trevor! See you in about 8 hours time..it's nearly midnight! Ooh, I'm such a rebel! xx


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