05 May 2008

weekend weekend weekend!!

Three days because it's a bank holiday.


Went to see Oma and Grandpa John. And what a surprise is was when Micko, Rita and Alessia pulled up at the same time as we did!! We had a lovely lunch at Prezzo, a very big lunch indeed. Oma gave me the most beautiful box i have ever seen in my whole life, it holds my badges and some beads. I had a fantastic time.


we went to the Hamaltons today for a lunch and a game of baseball in the park. and even if all the children were a lot younger and i was the only (older) girl to play it was a very fun afternoon.

today is ironman for shaun's birthday party can't wait!!

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  1. Am so glad you had such a good time, and that you like the box so much. I had been waiting to give it to you; so now I have a reason to make 2 more, one for Moggy-Moo and one for Beanie, but those xan wait. It was a lovely Saturday and all had fun. Hugs from your Oma


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