04 June 2008

Exams Exams Exams and More Exams

so yes my lack of blogging is due to the fact that i am taking exams. It really should not be an excuse but alas i use it as one. You may be glad to know that i have only 7 exams left but i really think the only person who finds that news exciting is me. I have noticed that a lot of people haven't been blogging for a while like Oma, Louise, Maari, Katie and STG so at least I'm not the only one. My cakestirphotography blog is really the one suffering i have taken a few pictures recently over half term but my laptop keeps playing up so i can't access my blog very well from that.

Oma i passed on the email you asked me to mum, sorry i didn't get it till yesterday evening. And thank you so so so much for the Good Luck cards they are really great to look at and cheer me up when i'm stressed :)

Revision is boring and Katie, Emma, Helen, Anna and Emily i hope your geography exam went well (i am quite glad i didn't take it for GCSEs but you will all do fine!)

At this point i would love you tell you of some really exciting news something that i did but i'm afraid that (yes you guessed it) my life is based around Exams and Revision for the Exams, so unless you want to hear about how hard the exams are i shall now bid you goodnight


p.s STG I'm glad your play went well, i know how nerve-racking they can be.


  1. ad i was finally taken off the list of non-bloggers, if i posted any more frequently i would be brought before some sort of blogging court. nothing more important than your exams right now, i wish you the bestest of the best, when are they done? big kiss

  2. mary. my exams shall be over on the 17th of June. (so not long now!!)

  3. noted on my calendar, will count the days, backwards, all i can do to be there with you...

  4. full moon on the 18th, good timing!


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