19 June 2008


My flickr account has been updated and i love all the new pictures with my logo on them :)

In other news i have nothing to do so have been surfing the web, but not writing blogs :(

You would have thought with more time on my hand that i would spend more time writing blogs and telling you interesting stuff but to be honest i can't be bothered. So i watch television and surf the web occasionally going out to meet friends and do some shopping. Next week will be different because i have a busy week :)

MONDAY- Prom!! (8pm-1am)
Katie round in morning (picture taking time)
Sleepover at Helen's
TUESDAY- Nothing planned, picture taken and uploading!!
WEDNESDAY-Indy Jones film viewing with friends
THURSDAY- Wicked musical alas 5.30 with drama class
FRIDAY- London with friends?
Mini Coupers down for weekend
SATURDAY-Mini Coupers
SUNDAY- Alessia's Christening

To me that is a sort of active!! Anyhow i am of to watch DOCTOR WHO (and Rose Tyler is Back!!)

Night Night

P.S I am going to be a YEAR SEVEN PREFECT NEXT YEAR!! Can't wait :)


  1. I watched Dr Who as well! Can't wait 'til next week! You are going to be sooo cute as a Year 7 prefect, good luck with 'em! xx ps. have fun at prom as well!

  2. where will christening be? you know you are in charge of informing the family world, mike has given up on his duties there... enjoy your week, sounds good


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