11 July 2008


another week of "under the spotlight" and this week it is London Hunter. She is 16 years old and lives in Melbourne Australia, She takes amazing pictures and her work is super creative. Again i found her by browsing a few groups and she has been really friendly. Her work is something you should check out, and all the best to her :)

When did you get into Photography?
I got into photography about 3-4 years ago, I didn't actually own a camera - i had a video camera, but i was able to take stills with it (only the quality of the photos where bad) I was pretty bad at it, i took very cliche photos, now that i look at them i laugh. Mum and dad decided to get a digital camera, and i've been experimenting with that. But yeah i developed the skill and still am today :)

Why did you get into photography?
i dont really know why i got into photography, but ever since i was tiny - i had fascinations with cameras and getting photos developed, i thought the whole process just brought life to images. I always hid behind the camera unless my mum told me to. i just love being able to capture a moment that could have different meanings to everyone. I don't think i have a proper reason, I just love it :)

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?
I like to take pictures of anything, anything that is different so you can't take your eyes off it! i do a lot of still life and portraits so i guess those, just unique and strange things - but i would like to broaden my horizons and (maybe) take architecture or live bands.

What is your dream camera?
Never really thought of this, but i would like a Canon SLR EOS (i used it once and love!) and maybe some polarized filters or a vintage polaroid - though i've never been fussy with what camera i have.

Where is your dream place to visit and take pictures?
I would love to go to Europe and little Asian countries, just the atmosphere and culture would be amazing, even just taking photos of the people, streets and cafes. London and outer towns of France would defiantly be places i need to visit

What advice would you give people who want to get into photography?
I'm not good with advice but, critique your own work (this is probably why im so hard with myself, but it helps with your standards - therefore improvement with your own work) and don't be afraid to ask others for advice or critique, you can't be a professional overnight (that would be kind of freaky) :D

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  1. thanks you so much for this
    i feel extremely privilege for my photos to be featured on your awesome blog

    all the best, keep up the good work



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