25 August 2008

style style and even more style

As school starts next week and i don't have to wear school uniform i have been in shopping mode but it wasn't until i got my results hat i found out we can't wear jeans. So i now have to buy another pair of smart trousers because i can't just wear one pair now can i?

NO. Anyway i went on to HEL LOOKS and was looking through all the pictures and these girls caught my eye because they are wearing styles and clothes that i like. And the good thing about these clothes are that they are smart! I go shopping with my mum and brother tomorrow for school stuff but i am also going to Watford again on Wednesday with Helen and i am going to find some more smart clothes because even though i have enough i do love to shop and i like buying stuff when i have money!

It is also less than a week till my birthday. whoop whoop so i can't buy DVDs or anything like that. Clothes how ever!

I LOVE MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT because we sorted out my bank account yesterday and i had my first conversation about my bank account on the phone with someone who knew what they were doing anyhow i couldn't really understand what she was saying because even with the phone on loudspeaker she was very quiet and i think by the end of my call she really didn't like me

Women on phone: can you please give me your date of birth
Me: sorry could you say that again
Women on phone: Your date of birth
Me: o my date of birth?
Women on phone: YES YOUR DATE OF BIRTH!

i was so proud of my self when i have sorted out most of what needed to be sorted out. my hands were shaking.

Anyway i have to go in a moment because me and mum are off out :)

Night Night


  1. can't wait to see what you come back with! i hope you plan to model and have someone take pictures for you to post...

  2. Al I can tell you is that I enrol on the 1st of September. I have no idea when term starts, but I don't think we'll be able to meet for at least a couple of days, I just had my tooth out and am in no condition to be seen haha. xx

  3. Yep, I agree with you most if not all these outfits are great, loved the stripey pants!! perhaps your bank account will fill up for you to get some. But don't go mad with shopping; I find it also very hard not to.
    More hugs from Oma


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