21 August 2008

tick tock

I woke up at 6.30. Well actually 3.30 and then had a restless three hours of dipping in and out of sleep.

It's 9:45 and i go to school in 10 minuets. I was listening to the Chris Moyles show this morning and they were talking about some people in wales who were opening there results live on BBC News 24 anyway one boy was saying how he would like to get a few A's well what do you know he gets all A*


I'm really really nervous i didn't think i would be but i have big BIG butterfly's in my tummy


(Update will come later when i get my results and have come to the decision that it would be a lot better for me to open them before i start school)

Ok so here goes:

A in Media.
B in English Lit and English Language, History and ICT.
C in Spanish, Double Science, Maths and Drama*.
and a D in R.S

*The drama scores were pretty low and my drama teacher Mr Hart wants to get them re-marked. :)


  1. i'll check back in a few hours then, and keep fingers and toes crossed that *YOU* feel good with whatever results you receive...

  2. outstanding!! fin as you say of all the rubbish associated with this process.... and wasnt media really what you cared about most? drama is personal vindication, but the grade is not what matters, you know you're good... love ya...

  3. Well done CAITLIN!!! We all got a 'D' in something stupid, it was Business Studies for me! xx


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