19 September 2008

look what i made..

..because today i had photography and we were using film camera and we went out an tool a bunch of images (because that's what we have to call them. THEY ARE NOT PICTURES THEY ARE IMAGES.) Anyhow this make me creative, and it helped i had drama in the afternoon because it didn't stifle my creative mood.I started making it at 4.30 and didn't finish till 7.30 so three hours of listening to Radio one and making a fashion collage.
This is what it looked like at 5pm, i had all these images already cut out because i did that Tuesday night, WHY? don't ask.
alas the final outcome :)
To think it started out as four separate sections of different pictures to this!! i had a hell of a time doing it but i now have the problem about where to put it :)

P.S (TOM. THE TYC THING THAT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN ON THURSDAY NIGHT WELL ME MYA AND JANE TURNED UP, thanks for letting us know it was canceled/ or what not) To be honest it was a laugh, pitty no one else came :(

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