09 October 2008


i am really not in the mood to blog and i haven't been so for a while hence the lack of posts and all the videos from youtube. My last post received a bunch of comments and yes I'm glad people agreed with me over her, it's a pitty she is so annoying because i really want her to be nice because apart from his views and party John Mcain makes me smile as he reminds me of a grandpa and grandpas make me laugh (in a nice way). 25 days till the election .

Away from politics i had a very nice weekend last week, and for all you guys that didn't know, which is most people, we are at TYC (trestle youth company) putting on a production of much ado about nothing which i can't wait for. The best part i'm playing Beatrice !!

This song is quite good :)

Katie came round on wednesday for a hour or so before open evening and we have hundreds of pictures from the mac!! also last saturday i went out for dinner with a bunch of friends, great time :)

tomorrow me and mum are off to this book festival thing and i am going to see John Barrowman on sunday !!

anyhow night night


  1. i know your grandpa, he is waaaaaaaaaay nicer than mccain, and the presidency of the usa would probably not be a place he would like to be. and people are not nice because you want them to be, they are who they are, and all we can do is make sure we recognize them as whatever they are... and sarah palin is a disaster, hence mccain is a bad guy for picking her, my opinion...
    good take on fun you had with pictures...

  2. John Barrowman is ever so good looking and I loved the song!!! but am Glad that Granpa John didn't see it, it would have disturbed him no end, not me though Oma


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