15 October 2008

what day is it? BLOG ACTION DAY 2008

there is a link to 88 way to do something about poverty now HERE and as much as i want to help, adopting a baby from a third world country is not something i am able to do at this point in time. Fair enough there are many ways to help fight poverty which maybe we should all try to do more of but taking a homeless person to dinner and having a chitchat is really quite bazaar i mean this person could be a maniac or a murderer!

I think fighting poverty is a big issue but so is global warming and the effects of that we face everyday we can't all go to the extreme some of us aren't old enough or earn any money so what i say if that we should raise awareness and write to our MPs or something because at least then we get our voices out there. Well done to people that take homeless people to dinner and adopt children from third world countries you are doing a super job in helping two or three people in poverty. I however will be doing something much more 'normal'.

If you go to oxfam you can buy a person a radio of a goat that will be given to someone in a third world country at Christmas time, you can pay £8.00 to plant 28 trees! HERE so that is what i shall be doing this Christmas, so Katie, Helen, Emma, Anna and Catherine watch out you may receive a goat.

If you want to help beat poverty prepare a space in your home for the poor to stay as needed, or if thats not you cup of tea donate money to places like oxfam or create leaflets that will raise awareness :)

every little thing helps.

night night

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