07 November 2008


i am in a crap mood. a mood in which stress over school (and it isn't like i have too much to do just too much for next week) and friends has got to me. I don't think i have ever complained about friends ever, i don't think i have ever felt like this about them ever! TH ATS WHATS GOT ME.

Katie you were great today I'm just annoyed because i feel i don't see anyone at school anymore because E.H&A are always busy with the magazine and promotion for the play. I don't speak to them anymore like we used too and the magazine is annoying me because they want play pictures for next Friday so i will have to stay behind after school on Tuesday and miss my English Tutor! for **** sake. I do have a life and prior priorities.

I am also pissed off because i have my photography project and it is worth 60% of my grade and i need models and i really wanted E,A,H,C,K&others to make it to mine tomorrow morning as i need daylight but apart from K&C they are all busy and we have to do it @1 in the afternoon which is fine but i just need help and i know they have tons of school work, more than i do, but i am helping with there stuff all i need is 2 hours with them. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Katie you are great for volunteering to help with my photography and the magazine. thanks :)

JUST DON'T BOTHER TALKING TO ME RIGHT NOW I AM NOT IN THE MOOD i need to calm down because i know this isn't the end of the world just it feels like it is at this point in time.


  1. this might not be the best time to put in my two cents worth, but you are a bit too far away to bite my head off effectively, hence... go for it love, get it off your chest, good luck with your photography project, whoever shows up, you will make it good...

  2. I love you lots and lots Caitlin :)


  3. Honestly, I've only left you for a half term and look at you guys! It'll all work out in the end Kobbers, it always does. :-D.
    p.s I know the others, but who's 'C'?

  4. I have days like that all the time, and it's always good to get it off your chest. Friends will be friends even if you are p.o'd at them if they aren't then they never were in the first place. Hope it all works out and I'm sure you'll turn in a great project. Luck.


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