05 December 2008

i am on a re-vamp stage of my blog. and yes by next week it will have changed again.

so i haven't really been posting lately wanna know why? well, here it comes the same old out of the box reply that i have used if not a trillion times already it will be soon, SCHOOL. Wow you guessed it right. It would be fair to say that in this messed up world it isn't raising money of building new homes that stops me for enlightening you into my daily routine it's the education system and not even that it's the homework the education system sets us that keeps me busy every waking hour of every waking minuet. Well that may be a slight exaggeration work and not being bothered may come into the equation but only slightly. Now don't get me wrong i am loving sixth form and as my form tutor said "You really seem to have blossomed into being a sixth former." Government and Politics is by far my favourite subject, Drama seems to be my best in grades, Photography is really exciting and new and English Lit is well English (which equals as hard). But there is the same amount of work to GCSEs and what with exams in January plus coursework and TYC i shouldn't have time to watch Gilmore Girls, Britannia High and Desperate Housewives as well as spending time on the computer and doing work.

This Chrsitmas Holidays as well as earning money at Waterstones and spending all of it on Christmas Presents for friends and family i will be revising for my politics exam on the 19th of January and learning my lines for Much ado about Nothing and writing coursework and taking many pictures for Photography!

But it's what i put myself in for and i will, just like with GCSES, get through it all.

So to all the people i have kept in the dark i have started my Christmas Job at Waterstones in Town and have been nicknamed Munchkin 2 by Jude who can't seem to remember me and Ferns name. We are equal on signing people up for loyalty cards at 22-22 :)

I saw Bill Baily Live on the 18th of November with Mum as work had a spare ticket. It was very very funny (at least parts of it were) And on the 16th of November i went with Helen,Kate,Katie and Anna to see the St.Albans Christmas lights turned on by Father Christmas, yes no E-List celeb just Santa!

On the 1st of December i went on a Government and Politics trip to Westminster for a conference where we saw Nick Clegg and William Hage amongst others and i think the LibDems have won my vote! I also met Len Goodman on Wednesday as he came to Waterstones to sign copys of his new book 'Better late than Never'. Me and Fern made a point of working that night just to meet him and surprise surprise he was really really nice :)

and yes NEXT WEDNESDAY IS HAMLET aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

so there is a sum up of my life so far in the last month. Dad is in America at the moment and Mum just brought home Dawn French's autobiography 'Dear Fatty' so i will go and read it :)

Night night all my lovely readers (and I Love You Dad xx)

p.s i'm getting rid of titles on my entries until i feel fit (unless i have really exciting news)

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