29 December 2008

so i have run out of credit on my phone and the four texts i have received i couldn't reply to which is a pain in the arse because they were sort of important. Catherine i was at my Oma's sorry. Katie i am here today but uber busy soz because it would have been cool to meet up before 09. Izzy isn't it the 30th?

apart from that and preparing everything for tomorrow night i haven't done anything. Not gone out, or done any work. Watched television and came on here. Tided room this am but nothing else. Have baby-sitting to do at 8 till 1 in la morning. But have to get up early for prep and my sanity.

Starting on the 31st my priority is school. New Year's resolution SCHOOL and work. 2009 will be a fresh start as was 08 and 07 but know i am more informed and older. You could also say wiser?

CHRISTMAS was super amazing presents and good television Dr Who was amazing. but now i must go and become Caitlin the girl who actually has a life :)

Night Night

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  1. MATT SMITH THE NEW DR WHO!!!?!?!?!?
    Hope you had an awesome Christmas and a fun New Year. xx


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