21 January 2009

i have become a facebook fan!! Something I said would never happen as I thought it would be a waste of time. That is the main reason why i haven't updated my blog in a week or so.

Actually thats not the only thing. Firstly i have been PAID, i am £513 richer but £309 is for the school trip to America as i have to pay for half of it and spending money. The other £204 is being saved for other things. So in truth i am just the same(ish). Fern hasn't been paid yet so it's all a bit of a mess.

TYC is going well 8 weeks till we perform in MARCH!! but more on that nearer the date. Drama @ stags is stressful but thats only because we have a small performance on Tuesday and I keep messing up my lines.

AND YES I WATCHED THE OBAMA THING YESTERDAY. I wore my t-shirt and everything. Today I wore my badge in support of his first full days work! GO OBAMA :):):)

I have compleated a few of my new years tasks. The wii fit one has failed. start again in the next half-term English and Drama, Photography coursework beat that task.

And i had my government and politics exam on monday. Mind my language but is was crap. Revision for summer will be so much more. It didn't help that i ordered the exam book on Tuesday and received it on the Thursday of the exam.

O and before i forget Alessia's birthday party was really really nice. I made a fish!!

god what a busy 6 days!!

What you all get up too??

night night my lovely friends :)


  1. Do you remember me? I had a blog called sillyteengirl for a while. I use this one now- it's more of a personal blog, and a bit less religious-themed.

    And by the way, I'm a facebook addict as well. :P It's really horrible- I can't go a day without checking it!

  2. Oh, by the way, I've added you to my blogroll. :)

  3. Yay, Facebook! I ditched Myspace for it and it's awesome! I'll be sure to add you!

    TYC! Yay! You will have to give me details of when you're performing, hehe, can't wait!

    Although I am a vegetarian I should be hitting you for 'making' a fish but whatever, I'm prone to the odd tuna wrap now and again, but shh! Don't tell anyone!

    Good to hear from you! xx

  4. that's all i get???? alessia's birthday party was really really nice???? not one MIZZZZZZZrable picture!!!

    and i too watched as much obama as i could and then caught up on the internet, baeutiful man in power for a change...


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