31 January 2009

The quality isn't amazing but she has a beautiful voice. The song was also written by her :)

I realise it have been so long since i have written a proper blog. One with feelings and emotions and one that really expresses my view. Being the last day of January and considering we have been in 2009 for 31 days i am making a pledge to actually write things down to say things and to really really write.

For example i haven't told you that my nails are painted black with rimmel 60 seconds, i brought it last week when i went out to get Helena's birthday present. I haven't told you that for the last week i have been listening to my new Hanna Montana CD which even though i hate the show and it's aimed at little kids, the songs as really catchy and are great when you have had a stressful day.

did you know that i have a Paul Frank mug that i was given for Christmas by my Grandma and Grandpa by my bedside filled with water? Most likely no because i haven't mentioned the little things in life that make me really really happy. Things that i adore, like the twinkle my fairy lights make when i put them on in my bedroom or the feel of my duvet cover when i get into bed.

annoying things like last night when i came home for Helena's house, after takeaway pizza and singstar singing which involves sore voices and really bad scores, and mum and dad were out for their friends birthday. I could hear the moment i stepped into my bedroom @ 11pm next door playing his guitar with friends round. Fair enough it's a saturday night but it sounded like i had left my CD player on, or my phone was ringing (which i checked and it wasn't) I was worried i have left my radio on or that something was wrong in my room. I got louder or maybe i noticed it more, and really i can cope with things like this but i was tired, so i tried reading but couldn't concentrait so i put on my headphones and listened to the Amilie soundtrack while reading a book my dad wants burned 'Cameron on Cameron' as in tory leaders book (good book, don't want him to be PM but a nice man.) 12pm i went to sleep finally the guitar playing had stopped (good guitar playing mind) and at 1.35am i was woken by people in the house. Mum, Dad and a bunch of their friends DRUNKish!! I am fine with them bringing people back but i was tired and i couldn't sleep well!

I love my sleep and need (NEED) 9 hours sleep at least a night. I woke up at 8.35 this morning and forced my self to get up but i haven't even started the work i need to and it's 1.25 in the afternoon. Been watching dr who season three, and three episodes. My fault but i needed the break. The work today is alright Drama coursework which is not too bad.

I want to share small things that make me happy with other people. So February here i come :)

(i am wearing two bracelets one i got from the end of the road festival and the other i got in Italy this summer) Tribal !!

night night


  1. isnt it great to be a parent and have your almost grown daughter comment on you having had a few drinks with friends on a weekend night?? (this comment is really for Paul, who I think regularly reads the blog as well). what/who's paul frank? google says a clothes store, is that right?

  2. It really is the little things in life that make you happy. Playing Sorry with your dad (and doing your victory chant when you win), finding something in your closet that really brings back fond memories, lying in bed and listening to the rain outside... those are the kind of things that really bring me joy.

    Caitlin, I think February is going to be a good month for you. :) Can't wait for your next posts!

  3. I agree with the above comments Sorry I only got around to reading this post now, life has been that busy; will write about it soon in my blog, promise, But I love reading what you ae doing, and feeling and your view on life. You are my lovely grandaughter who is very precious to me. All of the three are great, but psst you are the grewates. Don't ell the others though You Oma

  4. P.s I can't spell I meant greatest!


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