28 January 2009

You have to admit that she is a beautiful women. Amazing in Titanic and as my long list of 'films i must see' is building 'The Reader' and 'Revolutionary Road' are two of the many i have to see. (but being me it is always better to wait for DVDs).

I read an article with her in Elle magazine the other week and it really made me think WOW such a cool woman :) Except not in-i want to be her- sort of way more in a-you have to love her- one.

This women makes me want to be french, speak french and be part of the french government. I adore her songs and she looks amazing.
Why can't we have someone like her married to our Prime Minister, not that i don't think the wives of the party leaders are no beautiful but come on. America have Michelle Obama!

Now i haven't watched a full episode and i missed all the first season but 'Gossip Girl' has the most amazing clothes. I may borrow the series of Katie. (Can i katie??) It looks spectacular.

I may hate the film even if i haven't seen it. And Kirsten Stewart annoys the hell out of me (but she is most likely a really really nice girl) Robert Patterson is by no means EDWARD by my god is he good looking. (David Tennant beats him, but RP is only 22!)

Nice song got it off old lady in a teenager's blog.

this is a blog with the current things i like on here.


see ya all

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