13 February 2009

Drama- handed in (TICK)
English- handed in (TICK)
Photography- handed in (ON ITS WAY)

criteria for Half Term

Saturday 14th of Feb- Cinema with Mum
Sunday 15th of Feb- Shopping with Mum
Monday 16th of Feb- Coffee with Helen&Emma, maybe Maari (??)
Tuesday 17th of Feb- Oaklands College for extra Photography time
Wednesday 18th of Feb- UCA open day in Farnham
Thursday 19th of Feb- London with Helen for her Christmas present from me, a little late.
Friday 20th of Feb- People round to play guitar hero at mine
Saturday 21st of Feb- ANNIE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY
Sunday 22nd of Feb- nothing at the moment.

busy week, but at last no school work :)

OK so i have been abandoning my idea to relate irrelevant information to you that really only interests me, but that's because i have been busy(ish) and have been tired. I need to read Pride and Prejudice for English and learn TYC lines WHICH BY THE WAY IS THE 23RD AND 24TH OF MARCH AND YOU SHOULD ALL COME!!

really my friends that is all i need to do, as well as buy Annie's present and finish my photography project which is going REALLY well and i am uber excited.

An update on my nails, there are no longer painted because i felt like i needed to go back to basics for a bit! And when i went into boots today to buy some more toothpaste, as i have run out, i signed up free for it's health club! (plus my toothpaste was in a offer so i got three tubes for the rice of two) £1.98 is what i spent because the one i use is cheap due to credit crunch and having to use my money for toiletries.

My new top television show is 'Party Animals' that was on i-play the other day, so i watched it. It has the new doctor Matt Smith in it (it is also a re-run of the series) and is about Politics. AMAZING FIRST EPISODE SO MUCH DRAMA BUT IN A NON CHEESE WAY.

and please catch up with Hustle is was a 'good' series (well only because the guy who played Deno in Eastenders and Gene Hunt's brother are in it, they saved the day)

night night all


  1. what will/did you and fiona see? you must have seen the pride and prejudice film/s, does that make it more difficult to read the novel? when i read it in school i didnt like it it was just a chore, enjoyed it many many years later.

  2. heyy

    when are we meeting in half term?


  3. I agree eith Mary, but Jane Austen is one of the easier books to read, some are quite fun if a bit silly like Mansfield Park, but she is a GREAT writer, and I hope you will like P & P. I have read all her books not once but several times over. I loved the TV version of it, not so much the film one.
    It was nice seeing you yesterday, Hugs Oma


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