07 February 2009

Maggie and Bill are down for the weekend. Which is really nice except my feet are cold from all the walking we have been doing around town.

I am at the moment sorting out my bank, transferring money and such over the internet which is so easy and laid back. I have again learnt my Pin number at long last and and trying to become much more independent with money. I don't think i mentioned it but last Sunday i brought Guitar Hero for a mere £35 which is £15 cheaper than any other place that is selling it. I have never spend that much money on a game before (i don't think). I also bumped into Helen, Kate, Emma, Anna and Jen in Wagamamas where they were off to lunch, we all went to Prezzo for a nice meal. Other news i am trying a new hairstyle where i have plats/ braids in my hair. (above images have that hairstyle but i don't know if you can see it)

My nails are still painted black but really chipped and i keep meaning to take it off but haven't got round to it ! Not that i have been doing a lot over the last couple of days due to snow storm after snow storm. I am wearing a bracelet that i think i have had ever since i was really small, for the life of me i can't remember who gave it to me all i know is it was with my first ever watch which wouldn't fit round anybody's wrist.

nothing much to say apart from Jane wow how can you write so many blog entrys in one day?? and Maari when shall we be meeting up for coffee?? Free over half-term??

night night

god i'm cold


  1. Course I'll be free during half term! What a silly question! I'm absolutely aching to see you, Wednesday any good, snow permitting? xx

  2. Because I have absolutely NO life outside of 6th Form and TYC.

    that is a truefact.

    seriously. no life. it is pathetic.

    but I'm content with it, and that's all that matters.

    :) xx

  3. I wish it would get cold here. I wore a short-sleeved shirt today. It's 70 degrees out there! I WANT SNOW!

  4. I liked what I could see of your new hairstyle, but you didn't wear it on Wednesday. a pity! Don't care much for black nail polish. Glad you've abandoned though! Basics is a good idea, and much easier. Hugs Oma


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