06 February 2009

Monday's snow day in la home town

Sledging, and walking plus meeting up with ma friends :)

so this weather hasn't let up, one day of school 4 days off which sounds amazing considering my brother has had school since Wednesday. But it's not i'm bored and i wanted drama and photography today don't get me wrong snow is amazing (my new home will be in Greenland or Sweden/Norway/Denmark as it snows there a lot. Because i think i suite snow.) Saying that i really want something to do!

anyhow i'm off sledging later con Catherine and maybe Fran. Have a nice day at home, with hot chocolate and boxsets/DVDs

night night


  1. No school! Looks like you had a good time in the snow lol, it's too cold for me :)

  2. also, I really hope TYC is on because we need to rehearse.

    I think Laura (McFall) will be crapping herself lol

  3. cool, literally!! loved the pictures, enjoy the snow, only if it falls once every 18 years do you enjoy it that much, ask those who live in Moscow, Canada, etc.

  4. The photo of Catherine is sooo nice :)

    I wish I could have come out I'm so bored of being at home

    love you



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