22 July 2009

It's Dad's birthday today. Yay. He is 51! Today he will spend his birthday at work but don' worry we go to America on Sunday!

Yesterday there was a conversation going on between my Brother and Grandpa about how Google Earth and CCTV is destructive towards our privacy, i personally thing that in our modern age with sites like facebook and myspace and blogs like mine we document everything about ourselves to total strangers. I don't know wether its a bad thing or not, sometimes it creates friendships and other times it creates stalkers but twitter allows us an insight into celebs live, for example i follow Tom Felton aka Malfoy from HP, i get a insight into his daily routine which is currently filled with filming the last book.

There are moment when i wished i had disclosed my name and made this blog more private when talking about people but i am long past that now and in my personal opinion we all know what we are doing.

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  1. Haha, those pictures are adorable! And I sometimes wish I continued to blog under an alias myself, but I like the fact that my friends can read my blog now and I don't have to worry about them somehow blowing my identity. XD


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