12 July 2009

Jane i saw torchwood and i also cried like a baby, i am so annoyed RTD did that!! why???

there was no need.

i was going to blog about the Elliot Minor concert but i am really not in a blogging mood and am actually waiting to go to Katie's and put up a tent. Exciting I know!

so that really all i am saying today! however summer is almost here and then i will try and do a lot more blogging about what i get up too!

night night

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  1. Torchwood was awesome :)

    I haven't spoken to you for ages even though I've seen you :)

    TMD were awesome, I just booked two tickets for september. you guys can fight over the spare. Although I might go up early because I dont have lessons on Wednesday. Forward Planning FTW :)


    ps. I can definately come to your party and I CAN'T WAIT for GREENBELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



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