18 July 2009

So its the day after yesterday. Yesterday being the day i got my ipod and today being the day after that. Has it been fun? well working 8 hours and getting up at 8am isn't the most enjoyable time, i can think of more things to do, but it was ok.

Tomorrow, being the day after today and in retrospect a Sunday, is when my dear dear Grandparents come down from Scotland for 5 days which i can't wait for. It is also the start of my summer holidays. Yes i broke up from school on Friday and yes tomorrow is two days later but Caitlin's summer starts tomorrow and that means that i will start my summer list of things to do which is in reviewing it very boring.

I have set my self, however, a summer task which is to start to learn Italian. The thing is i admire people who are bilingual and i thought to myself i could carry on admiring them or i could become one of them! And so here i am ready and willing. Though i don't know how far it will get.

what else is there to talk about? not much. i was looking at my room just now, well i am in my room on dad's laptop as i just watched Miss Potter which Oma lent me (and i loved it) and i realised my room it is a tip and i need to clean it. Thats a fun job to do tomorrow :)

you know what there is nothing exciting to talk about, my hair needs a wash and i need my sleep so i am of to bed!

night night

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  1. How are you enjoying your new iPod? Is it as good as you expected? I sure hope it is!


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