23 August 2009

I realised yesterday that i am very lucky.

I have a family that i love, a fantastic relationship with my parents that some never get the chance to experience.
I live in a house with my own room and really can do what i like.
I have been around the world to places people dream about.
I have a job that i love.
I have some of the best friends in the whole world and have met some pretty fantastic people through school, tyc and general blogging.
I have the chance to go and do what i want without being stopped.
I have, in my opinion, a great relationship with my grandparents that has come from being lucky to spend 16 (nearly 17) years getting to really know them. And i know that not everyone gets that.

On Friday i went into London with my parents and brother and we went to see the play Warhorse. We ate at Pizza Express and went into John Lewis to look at fridges, we also popped into the apple store where i brought myself some speakers for my ipod touch.

(that is not abnormal but it should be, i should feel so privileged)

I spent £70 on the speakers, i paid for it from the money i earned working at Waterstones. Never in a million years would i have spent that sort of money unless i could pay it back, and never in a million years would i have thought i would be a position to have thought about even buying a new ipod let alone speakers. But God am i lucky to live in the world i live in and to have the life i have.


  1. He's a boy, his name is Ruddles and he is 9 weeks old.

    I'll try and get more filmstuffs but he's not really doing anything interesting lol :)

  2. I found Laura McFall's address, so we can write a letter asking for tips on setting up a drama company :D


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