01 September 2009

so on the first of september i am going to write a proper blog in which i write and talk about important stuff, if ever i have important stuff to talk to.

Topic of today is:

Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike

well i'm not sure if you will call him a topic, thats just a bit rude. No the reason i am going to talk about him is because he is a MASSIVE


and he is a singer in the band Chameleon Circuit whos album i brought off itunes yesterday!! IT IS AMAZING.

to add on to this list of cool stuff he has going for him, his youtube videos are very funny. Or either i am very sad but we all know that isn't true so it is definitely the first. I love watching youtube videos because i just love hearing about other peoples lives else i wouldn't enjoy writing a blog or watching reality television, but charlieissocoollike is the first youtuber that i go back to again and again to watch his videos, he just has something uber "AMAZING" that is great in videos.

Did i mention that STEPHEN FRY has done a sound-byte for him on his videos! STEPHEN FRY!!!!

I have no idea where this blog is going, not very far really. The main point is i wanted to tell you all about Charlie because i spent all of my walk to the train station, to Mrs K and back and then to Catherine's listening to Chameleon Circuit and i have spent the last week or so watching a lot of his youtube videos. I am not obsessed, i just think he is really cool. HE LOVES DOCTOR WHO ALMOST A MUCH AS ME!!

Also today i brought some glasses, they are amazing :)

start of a new school year!!

night night


  1. You still up for indieVISUAL Journal Challenge?
    Charlie is. He's just emailed me saying he's up for it in fact.
    Nope, really not kidding. =O Exciting times. :]


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