02 September 2009


I didn't steal this from Katie, i just borrowed it :)

8 ways to win my heart.

1. Be the sort of person who likes to stay in a watch television with me :)

2. I'm afraid an understand of Doctor Who is a minimum it would be best if you LOVED the show :)

3. Every so often buy me a small stupid gift or leave me small notes saying silly stuff :)

4. Be patient

5. Be kind

6. Be caring

7. Understand i really love television. CSI, The Mentalist, Doctor Who, Torchwood, New Tricks, Cold Case and other shows like this are what i enjoy watching, so please be able to sit through these.

8. Love me.

so how are you?

Been shopping with Catherine and brought a DS game. A CSI DS game to be more on point. Charging my DS as i type so can't say if it is any good.

SCHOOL TOMORROW, I would say i am excited but i think that may be seen as slightly weird, which yes i know i already am!


night night

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  1. Can I complain lol. sorry, should comment on the youtube but I dont have a youtube account :S


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