07 September 2009

Day 2: a picture

fair play this is three pictures cropped into one but i love it as it is of my mother :)

had politics for three hours this morning and then i was working @ waterstones from 1-6 . It is now 18:33!!

ok so school did say in your free hours do school work and don't abuse the time, which admittedly i did, but i have two open days coming up on day's i work so in a bid to get them off i am doing an extra shift :)

So how was everyone's monday?? been eventful??

p.s can you see my (left cheek in the picture) is a little bit bigger than my left?? well it is (not very exciting I KNOW!) and i'm off to the doctors tomorrow.

interesting fact of today :)

night night

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  1. Ack, sorry about your cheek! That sounds really painful. Hopefully it's something easily fixable.

    Have you shown your mo those pictures yet? I'm sure she'll love them! The colors are absolutely amazing. :) Plus, the sheep are adorable.


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