09 September 2009

Day Four: a site

well Jane said Twitter (which is amazing) so i am going to say youtube because i recently made an account here which is a branch of this blog.

It is amazing, so why not create your own account and get video blogging??

New topic. Should i invest in a domain?? or just create a blogbykobrak website that i pay for?? i mean i feel like a real big change is needed and even though i wouldn't do anything for ages (at least not till nest year, 2010) i want to start thinking about it.

After writing a blog for two whole years and never really stopping i want to make blogbykobrak BIGGER AND BETTER and with my youtube account i have started but i want something that brings everything all together and part of me thinks a real website would be amazing but also a hell of a lot of work!!

anyhow can you please help me??

night night

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