29 September 2009

so yesterday i went to a meeting. A meeting with who, i hear you say, a meeting where i hear you add? well children if you listen i will tell you.

I had a meeting with a man who runs RME (Rhythm Masters Entertainment) and a client of his who created a charity based organisation called FREdome. We talked about my work experience at FREdome guy houses (don't worry mother came with me and his wife/kids were home as well)

I have work experience!! thats the news. I HAVE WORK EXPERIENCE IN EVENT MANAGEMENT! EVENT MANAGEMENT !!!! seriously that is one hard thing to get experience in, and i can't wait. Even if he did keep talking about how it is not a glam job, which i already know because i have done the research, it is what i want to do in the future!!

anyhow that was my exciting news! and really the only thing i have to say today!!

night night

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