15 September 2009

where have i been??

nowhere actually just doing 'stuff' and i neglected my blog. sad i know.

some people can write loads on their blogs but i can never seem to find the right topic or the time to do so. Actually scrap that the time i have the will to do so, not so much. I start college tomorrow, been back at school for two weeks but last Wednesday i had the whole day off, tomorrow i have to get up and do some work!! aaaa. I have been watching way too much television lately, i know, mum and dad know and i think all my friends know, but i LOVE (LOVE) television. It keeps me sane! was working all weekend, Saturday from 9-6 and Sunday from 10.30-5.00 o and then i also did Monday afternoon from 1-6. School is good, the same as before really. I need to get some event stuff under my belt before the end of November as my personal statement needs it!

Thats effort!

i need to:
eat fruit.
do some photography work.
drink water.
and save money.

I have my first 18th of the year next tuesday and i got an invitation for another one as well today. People's birthdays make me happy, but i'm not sure what to get them!!

night night

and the caring sharing thing, well lets say i can't really be bothered to finished it, however my quote is

"family are like candles in a power cut, your glad you have them around" said by ME (Caitlin Kobrak)

(p.s Laura my email is caitlinkobrak@gmail.com)

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