21 October 2009

guess what i saw Tuesday night??

can you can you??

Mother Courage and her children at the National Theatre it was amazing. Fantastic set design & effects and i understood the narrative! plus i didn't have to write notes so that made it extra special!!

no the real exciting thing that i have to tell you is yesterday evening i ordered my mac book pro!!! I KNOW it is so so so exciting. I really can't wait, it is expected to arrive next friday and i hope it does because i have work on saturday! ooo the excitement is really taking over and the time i have been saving don't think this is a quick buy months and months of looking at it and sorting what things to buy, this is a big thing and i can't wait!!


and then on monday i have the doctor who thing with Laura and Jane and that will be uber fun and tomorrow i have an open day with dad! takes us 4 hours on the train to get their and 4 hours to get back, that a long long day! plus mum is away till sunday night so two whole days with just men in the house, if Shaun counts as a man yet what with only being 14!

hope everyone is well and that they have an exciting half term coming up!!

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