31 October 2009


Look at all those sweets, we have two boxes of them!! which is slightly odd as we hardly get anyone knocking but it does mean that me and shaun don't even have to step outside in overgrown costumes to beg sweets of random strangers!! O the joys of growing up!!

To be honest yesterday i wasn't too fussed about halloween but after working with a witches hat on all day i have to say i really do love it. It is so exciting :)

dad has put out some little skeletons and if the door rings he said he would put on his really stupid mask.

UPDATE: just had a swarm of little people come to the door, so so cute. (not really scary!!)

anyhow hope you have a great halloween! Me and to friends are going to watch cloverfield as it is the only thing that is creppy but not horror.

I really can't stand horror!!

night night and don't let the bed bugs bite!!

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