25 October 2009

ok so in actual fact my laptop is mean to come tomorrow!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

You don't understand how excited i am!! Laura what time is your thing??

what else can i talk about? well my trip to bournemouth which happened yesterday! I was up @ 5am getting ready to leave in order to catch our train at 6am. it took us 3hours and 15 minuets to get there (we arrived at 9.15) Overall the university is amazing, except i wouldn't get in to do my course (event management) as you need 3 B's and i know that is not really possible. However there is another course that does similar units and needs 2 B's and a C which is what i am predicted. It is called Leisure Marketing and does sound pretty cool, so i think i will apply to do it just because i need 5 universities to put down. The journey home took us 4 hours to get back but i was quite fun. THANK YOU DADDY FOR COMING WITH ME, i love you :)

(mum is still away but back this evening!!)

I still have Chichester to visit on Thursday but after that i have real big decisions to make!!

so how is everyone?? have in a nice relaxing half-term?? watching some good television?? making some cool things??

seriously i love asking questions!

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  1. All I've done is work Caitlin. Seriously. All. I've. Done.

    Essays and Essays and Quotation Sheets and Media Production and Oh. My. God, it's just been work.

    It's Monday of half term. I have just finished my Othello C/wk Re-take Essay, and I'm launching straight into my Death of a Salesman C/wk Re-take Essay.

    Could tonight come quicker??!?!!?


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