11 October 2009

ok so yes recently i have been lacking in blog updates, and again it is the much used excuse that i need to change i just have been busy doing nothing!

but don't worry i have a few things i want to talk about today.

1. X FACTOR: i want Ollie or John&Edward to win. YES I DO REALLY LIKE THE TWINS :) they are amazing, no they can't sing but they sure can make me laugh. And to all the people who have been mean about them, they are HUMAN as well, so lay off!

2. UNIVERSITY: went round Canterbury Christ Church University yesterday with my mother and it was really bad. It was too big the course i want to do was crap (all the optional choices, of which you have to do 3, were to do with leisure and tourism and it has only been running for 3 years) the teachers had no on hand experience in events. And then we had the accommodation talk, you are only guaranteed a halls if you put Canterbury as your first choice!! WHY WOULD I DO THAT WHEN I DON'T LIKE THE COURSE!! now don't get me wrong it will suit some people and is in a fantastic location and half the courses i bet are fantastic it just wasn't for me, which is bad! I need to apply to 5 universities i have seen 5, out of those 5 three i HATE. I have two more to see and i have to like them because i need to apply to them! I thought finding the course would be the hardest thing, it is the university which is proving to be difficult.

Laura i am proud you are taking a gap year, that sounds tres cool. it also gives you more time to find the perfect place to study and the perfect course. With me i know what i want to do and i couldn't not go straight into studying it because I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT but i need much much more time to find this perfect university.

Seriously growing up sucks!

3. TELEVISION: who is not loveing all the shows on our screen at the moment? FLASHFORWARD, TRUE BLOOD, new series of Numbers and X FACTOR. i don't know where i find the time to do any work!! Also i am trying to watch The Beautiful Life on the net, thats quite good. Glee is going well, have to admit not as fantastic as the pilot and i don't see the series really flowing. The stories seems a bit juttered (not a real word but roll with it!) hey it is still good.

4. ET: brought a new t-shirt yesterday here it is

5. STEPHEN GATELY: Heard about this on twitter through stephen fry. He was 33 and died last night. Boyzone will never been the same again. I sent my wishes to his family and friends and especially to his husband Andrew. :(

so on that sad note, have a nice day and i will try to blog more frequently :)

night night

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