01 October 2009

so yesterday me and katie went to see THE MISSION DISTRICT and i had an amazing amazing time. Met some people in the queue outside, danced all night and then Katie got given a drum stick from Mike.

I really do love them :) and am so going to try and go in November for Katie's party!!

today was a bit frustrating but don't want to go into it as i know half the stuff i have said i don't mean and i hate feeling bad about stuff that really didn't need to be said.

off to wagamammas in half an hour but today is the last of me spending.

Jane and Laura when in half term are we meeting?? as need to go to london with Mum on either the Monday or Tuesday.

hope everyone is well and Mary glad you had a nice birthday and shaun explained what a hoddie is :)

night night

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  1. omg I completely forgot about wagamamas why didnt anyone remind me! :(


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