27 October 2009

There are quite a lot of things that get on my nerves one of them being how people dismiss celebrities, make comments that really are quite rude or hate someone because they can.

i'm not saying i don't do the same, actually i am. I don't hate people who are famous i may not like them but i don't hate them, in fact one of the most commonly used phrases i use is "i bet in real life they are really nice." I mean come on guys you have never met the person so you can't really hate them or have reason to dislike them can you?

In my politics class we always (as x-factor is on) get onto the topic of Cheryl Cole, and this can start a massive massive debate on how she is fake, can't sing, really annoying, stuck up, stupid .... (you get the point) but really apart from singing we have no idea at all what she is like. Yes she has had her teeth done but wouldn't you if you reached as far as she has? i know for sure that i would. But all this stuff about her not being a real person and letting fame get to her head if really opinion and in many cases people just venting their jealousy, that isn't however saying my politics class is spiteful in fact we are all very nice, everyone just has strong opinions.

Which inevitably all this hate or dislike for celebrities is, peoples opinions which alas everyone is untitled to, so really all i am saying is how would you feel if people where talking about you like that? they are human after all!

what do you think?

(mainly this topic is something that has been on my mind lately as John and Edward are still in the X-Factor and loads of people on facebook and twitter are quite rude about it, which dose irritate me because they are two 18 year old boys who have done quite well and the stuff people have been saying is not something anyone would ever like to hear being said about them)

plus i think THEY SHOULD STAY :) Ollie and J&E :)

night night

p.s. My laptop is still NOT HERE. Been told tomorrow or Thursday!

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