20 November 2009

Children in Need

A good cause, but over-rated?

In my opinion between comic relief and children in need i would hands down pick the first one. Why? because there is humour alongside the serious message, and when i say humour i mean non-cheesy Tess and Wogan humour but actual comedy. And comic relief along with the really bad acts actually have some good things added into the show.

I watched 15 minutes of Children in Need at quarter to 11 this evening, first i had to endure a bad sketch with the two people from the impressionist show pretending to be Tess and Wogan which was good until the real Tess and Wogan walked on and dragged it out for another 5 minutes. Then i had to watch some songs from the musical Legally Blond, Yes the film has been made in to a musical! I can usually stomach alright musicals but that was beyond bad. Duncan from blue is in it but every time he sang they changed it to a pop song backing-track! It is a musical which is my mind means sing a stage song? save bad pop for christmas number one's please.

I want to say that because it is charity event i can forget all the bad points and embrace the fun of it but really it is crap in comparison to comic relief.

But still donating money to the cause it represents is worth while and as they say "every penny counts" click here

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