01 November 2009

hello happy new november.

i can't wait for the cold and the christmas excitement, the scarf and the hot chocolate, the staying in bed and reading a book. I want this November to be the beginning, the start, the 'lets get you act together.'

my name is caitlin and i am making a pledge to start over:

personal statement
tidy room
blog updates
lesson read up BEFORE
(television watching to minimum)

these might not mean much to you but make perfect sense to me, hello new month and new attitude (lets hope it lasts)

night night :)


  1. The photos were amazing weren't they!
    Didn't you think it was weirdly layed out tho? The way you had to go round the years?

    There were some great ones of Bowie I hadn't seen before as well

  2. thanks for your comment! i'm definitely a bed snuggler too - i have an electric blanket & fleece sheets in the winter {i'm a huge wuss when it comes to the cold!} so i could spend all day and night in bed. and sometimes i do.

    i like your pledge. i need to try harder with the homework, tidy room, photography & minimal television watching as well!


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