03 November 2009

kiss :) from Caitlin Kobrak on Vimeo.

i'm so cold right now!!

so guess what? today while at waggamammas with my mother and Vicki we saw Emma Bunton eating lunch with her boyfriend, family and son. It was very very cute :)

now i am not a massive RP fan, mainly due to the fact that i didn't really see anything amazing in Twighligt and because everyone seems to adore him. However i do admit that he is very good looking and when is saw these photos i had to put them in.

I do want to express that the film twighlight is not very good as there was no chemistry between Bella and Edward and also because Kirsten Stewart didn't fit the character of Bella who is funny and clever. RP wasn't the worst but the guy who was originally the first choice (who didn't take is as he felt he was too old) was much better looking as well as more talented.

I also want to let you know i don't hate it, in actual fact i think both KS and RP are ok actors i just think other people who have played it more to my tastes and kept it to the book.

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  1. Go ahead, borrow it!

    Your blog is still looking great.
    Love the little vids :)


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