26 November 2009

My promise to you that I hope I can keep!

I have realised that i hate in when I go onto the blogs I follow and they do not update daily, but I am a hypocrite because I don't update my blog daily. Such a shame really, but I just seem not to have that much to write about.

Well, I have been doing stuff but it isn't really that interesting. However i did send off my UCAS last night, I am going to study Event Management, Where? My top two choices are Bucks New Uni and the University of Gloucestershire, lets hope I get in!

What else have I been doing? Well i'm working hard on my work experience helping organised an
event for next March, but more information will come nearer the time. And school is getting really
busy so i need to do some more work on all that, Year 13 is quite stressful but I like it.

We have started the rehearsals for our 6th form entertainment, i am playing a year 7. I think that is
because i look like one, what with my height! Need to start learning my lines and dances. If you wanted
to know my dance skills are pretty bad!!

Anyhow that is school for you, and really everything that has been going on. However i am going to
update daily because i enjoy reading the blogs i follow every day and i hope some people enjoy reading
mine :)

Night Night


  1. not really sure what I want for my birthday if I'm honest...
    I'll have a think

  2. the problem with promises is that they only exert even more pressure on you than you already receive from life in general... write when you feel like it might be the best policy, don't you think??


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