29 December 2009

Door watching is a job of the highest standards ....

... you have to watch and wait and my god is that a skill that only really clever people have, like me!!

Parents are having a street gathering, and they are all adults coming so i feel out of place, hence i am door watching.

Me, dad and mum had a bet going as to when the first people would arrive.

Mum said: 17.23
I said: 17.28
Dad said: 17.29

Mum won as the first people came at 17.20 and she was nearest. Me and dad owe her a penny each, as you can tell in this family when we bet, we bet high :)

Only have 4 people here at the moment and it started at 5.

How do i pass the time, and don't even think about mentioning REVISION!

Tomorrow shall be uber lots of fun, but for now have a very nice Tuesday Evening and a great Wednesday morning :) Enjoy these last days of 2009 soon it will be the big 2010 with lots of changes!!!!

Night Night internet people

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