31 December 2009

Hello 2010, my name is Caitlin.

Next year, or tomorrow, is a big one for me.

I will turn 18.
Finish secondary school.
Become a University Student.
Leave Home.

I will take important exams and become equally stressed about them.
I will have to make BIG decisions along with making new friends.
I will have to learn how to cook and clean for myself.
I will have to say goodbye to people and places.
I will get upset but then get happy.

2010 is the year when i am going to have to become an adult or at least someone that can pretend to be an adult.

I think this last year has been good and year 12 and 13 I feel I have been ME. I have some terrific Friends who I got to share it with, and tonight I get to welcome the new year with some of the best :)

Catherine, shopping, shopping and even more shopping. Films and more films. Black books and Green Wing. Doctor who and sleepovers. Cakes and cooking. Thank you for 2009 and for being a fantastic best friend.

Katie, we have done a lot and we will do even more, thats what a best friend is for :)

Helen, 2010 will mean more meet ups and you getting Facebook. It will mean doing things we never got round to but making sure we do. It means coffee and sleepovers and working it all out. It means making time for friends to be friends.

Fran, it is all about waiting for the taxi and eating spicy bean burgers and meeting at 12.30 and never quite deciding where to get lunch. College is great fun :)

Jane, film watching and doctor who related talking. Just wait till Iron Man 2 :) 2010 here we come :) You are going to have a really cool exciting year and i plan to annoy you throughout it :)

Laura, all the fantastic costumes and DOCTOR WHO. How sad it will be when David Tennant and everyone leave. But there will be more ex-TYC meet ups and chats on facebook, 2010 will be exciting :)

Mia, the walks to school are so going to end, damm the fact we have to grow up. I will miss our talks about last nights television and hearing about your weekend adventures. But next year will hold many more bigger adventures and more, i promise, for us :) Thank you for being a really good friend. And we would have made great year 7's. Stupid snow!

I was going to tell you my new years resolutions but in fact I don't really know them yet, so instead i am going to tell you about this project i am doing in 2010 which is the indiVISUAL Journal Challenge. In which you draw a picture for everyday. I signed up for this in october and i will start tomorrow and really i cannot wait.

2010 will be exciting, sad, weird, fun, adventure filled and wonderful. You mark my words.


Tomorrow as well as being the first of January is also the day that doctor who is shown, and the last episode of David Tennant as the doctor and the last episode of RTD being head producer with JG. It will be sad and i will cry but that will no damper 2010.

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