13 December 2009

Hello lovely internet people

I think because it is the last week of term next week, and school has become just a bit hectic as exams start in january blogging should really be the last thing I do, which is has been. But the internet just doesn't let me be alone, I turn on my laptop and for some reason the internet comes on as well, I think it is stalking me!

I'm not kidding i cannot not go on the internet it is like some magnetic force pulls me towards it. And nothing about turning on the internet is productive. So yes I have been unproductive for the last week, except i did write a 3000 word essay!

night night

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  1. Am I seeing Sherlock Holmes, hah!
    Of course!

    I'm going to be at the cinema bright and early on Boxing Day to see it the day it comes out lol :)


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